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By Sebastian Pilaf, Sep 9 2017 02:50PM

Rolf Slotboom is a Dutch poker player, who started in the mid 90’s with limit Holdem poker. When he worked as a dealer in Vienna, he soon discovered that Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), which was new in Vienna back then, was more profitable. After he had stopped as a dealer he focused on this game and developed his own unique strategy. Later on he moved back to Amsterdam and applied again his profitable strategy. Meanwhile, Slotboom was more and more occupied with media activities, like writing columns and providing Dutch commentary for Eurosport. The last couple of years he focuses, besides playing PLO, more and more on tournaments and in 2008 he was chosen as Dutch poker player of the year. Many people will know him from his unorthodox big raises and his active behavior at the poker tables.

Structure Secrets of Pot Limit Omaha

Slotboom has structured this book in 4 parts: game strategies, classic articles, practice hands and heads up analyses. Rolf describes his strategies chronologically in the way he has developed them. He starts with his well known short stack strategy (click here for more on this strategy), which he used in the early years of his PLO career. After he moved back to Amsterdam and the PLO games got tougher, he developed a big stack strategy. When the live PLO games even dried up he decided to play online and he explains how he adjusted his strategy for online play. In the second part of his book Slotboom put some “classic” articles. He has written these during the years and rewrote them specifically for this book. Examples of subjects in these articles are starting hands and bluffing. Subsequently Slotboom continues with discussing practice hands, in which readers can answer a specific problem in a multiple choice setting, after which Slotboom discusses all answers. Finally, Slotboom provides various heads up analyses, in which he calculates the equity of various starting hands against each other.

Writing Style Rolf Slotboom

Slotboom has a clear writing style and analyses all subjects and problems in a structured way. He also provided many live examples of the hands he played in Vienna and Amsterdam and this gives the book a lively character. Rolf Slotboom also takes the reader along in his development as PLO player, since he has written the first part of this book more or less chronologically.

Judgment Secrets of Pot Limit Omaha

I think that Secrets of Pot Limit Omaha is one of the best books written on PLO and I advice it to anyone who wants to learn more about this game. After I read that book ,I changed my mindset and I was able to run my first online blog about poker and Double Down Casino : where I write weekly tips to help poker players.PLO, contrary to Holdem, is a game about relative few is written (although this changing lately) and has developed less rapidly than Holdem. Rolf is able to explain his strategies in a clear way and bases them on solid arguments. I also think Rolf is an original thinker. In daily life is sometimes known as a solitary person, whether this is true I don’t know, but in his development as a PLO player he does not care too much for assumptions of so called good PLO play and develops his own unique strategies. Moreover, Rolf Slotboom is able to express the differences between Holdem and PLO well in his strategies. Finally, Slotboom is a player who has proved himself both live and online. Many books are written by live players, but read by online players. Without disrespecting these books I consider it an added value if the writer is able to explain the differences between live and online play and the consequences for your game. Rolf Slotboom is able to do so and I like to hear opinions from other players about this book!

By Sebastian Pilaf, Aug 24 2017 11:46PM

Betting and raising (which is a form of betting) are actions that beginning players do often without thinking. Sometimes I ask a beginning player: “why did you bet?” and he would say: “well, because I had a good hand.” I think that this line of reasoning is somewhat short sighted and even flawed. In this article I will discuss the various reasons for betting, such that beginning players can take up a more comprehensive betting strategy.

Betting for value

The most straightforward reason to bet is for value. You have a good hand and you want to get paid off. Still, only betting because you have a good hand is too simple. If you value bet you always have to wonder with which hands your opponent is going to pay you off. Sometimes you might conclude that no worse hands will pay you off and you’d better checking. Value betting is a complex subject, which is out of the scope of this article. A general advice though is to put your opponent on a range and then analyze which hands you beat will pay you off. Betting for value is something which you can do all streets (flop, turn and river). You may bet for instance the turn with four of a kind, when your opponent has a flush draw. Although he is drawing dead, he might pay with his flush draw and when he hits his flush he will pay you off bigger, because there is more money in the pot.

Betting to protect your hand

Situations do occur where you have a made hand and your opponent has a some kind of draw. You don’t want to give your opponent a free card, so you should bet in order to protect your hand and to force your opponent into making a mistake.

Betting for information

Also called probe betting. A bet or a raise can give your information by the reaction that your opponent takes. For instance you frontbet with top pair no kicker in a 5 way pot and the player immediately next to you raises it up. Since it is unlikely he is bluffing here (because it is a 5 way pot), you can safely assume that your top pair is not good enough. On the other hand tough opponents may bluff you if they are aware that you are probe betting.

Betting for isolation

It is a profitable strategy to isolate fish in position, such that you can exploit them. So many players will often raise in position when a fish limps to play a pot heads up against the fish. Isolation is however not only profitable against fish, but also other players who play marginally hands out of position.

Betting as a bluff

This reason is quite straightforward: you want to bluff your opponent out of the pot. Bluffing is also a complex subject which is out of the scope of this article and will be discussed in other articles. I want to address though a particular bluff: the semi bluff. This means that you are betting when you have a flush of straight draw. It is a bluff because you don’t have a made hand, but you do have outs to one.

Block betting

This often occurs on the river. I do it when I have a marginal made hand and I don’t want to call a big bet from my opponent. So I bet a relative small amount (one third or half pot), such that I can get relative cheaply to a showdown. If I get raised I can lay down my hand and this is cheaper than check calling a river pot bet by my opponent. The danger of course is that you can be bluff raises and owned.

I think the best way to develop your game is to be aware what you are doing and be self critically. I am stressing this in most of my articles. So if you bet or raise, you should do with a reason and a plan.

By Sebastian Pilaf, Aug 3 2017 11:10PM

Best casino tips I find are those that are quickly and easily, which is why I am sharing with you for a $ 50 free method. Not because they say they can do wonders for the roulette wheel, but because it is effective. You must, however, the possibility of how to play roulette for ever, you have to be smart and disciplined.

So why choose $ 50 in the first place, the answer is simple. I think the value of working with smaller numbers easily and are much simpler to explain.

You can try this trick roulette in a casino online and with any amount, but $ 50 shot is more than enough to allow the practice.

At the end of this article, you will have the opportunity to try this trick free roulette play money. Then, when you have found the confidence and testing, you can try this baby for real money. Play free roulette for money is crucial for the new beginners roulette system and finding their feet in the game. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of any casino game for free when offered.

Now, therefore, is a business to do with the game of roulette $ 50. The first thing you need to understand when you play roulette online games is the random nature of the game. Regardless of whether a casino sports betting system, or try to trick against the roulette wheel will always win in the end. And ‘if you stay long enough to find out, so we do things quickly and efficiently.

Quick tips for begginers
Quick tips for begginers